Practical information

Practical information


To travel to Spain, regardless of your country of residence, it is necessary to visit the Spanish Ministry of Health website (link here: 48 hours before your departure to obtain a Health Control Form (one-time use QR code) that will be requested at the airport upon your departure and arrival in Spain. We also advise people coming by car/ train to do this.
For your return: we recommend that you contact the authorities in your country beforehand to find out the exact conditions required for your return: most of the time, this involves a PCR test to be done 72 hours before the flight departure time. If you would like to make an appointment to be tested in Pamplona before your departure, please contact the Alliance team ahead of time before 15 November ( The cost of a PCR test is 90 euros.
During the conference, the organisers (the Alliance and EDITARGI) will put in place all the necessary measures to ensure that the meetings take place with a peace of mind (sanitiser, masks, social distancing, disinfection of equipment, etc.). We are also counting on everyone's care and vigilance (wearing masks in particular) – the spirit of the conference is based on solidarity and collective concern for each other!


We advise you to change your currency at Madrid airport.


If you arrive by plane (Pamplona airport): It is best to take a taxi from the airport to the city centre (about 30 minutes).
If you arrive by plane (Madrid airport): The fastest and cheapest way to get to Pamplona from Madrid is by train (about 4 hours); the website to book your train ticket is:
From Madrid airport to Madrid station: It is possible to take a taxi (but beware of the heavy traffic) or to take the metro (direct line from the airport to the station).
“Atocha” must be your reference point. It’s a big transportation hub placed on the Pza. del Emperador Carlos V with a very good connection to the airport.
If you arrive to the “Terminal 4” of the airport, we recommend you to take the “Cercanías” (suburban train) to Atocha. From the rest of terminal we recommend to take the public airport shuttle (“bus exprés aeropuerto”), who will drop you off also in Atocha. Both options are convenient and economic (5€).
More information on airport shuttle:
More information on public transport (C1 line):
If you arrive by train (Pamplona station): It takes about half an hour to walk from the station to the city centre but it is also possible to take a city bus. The lines that connect the station to the city centre are line 9. It is also possible to take a taxi from the station.



Pamplona is full of restaurants, some suggestions here!
- Restaurante Casa Manolo (C/ García Castañón 12).
- Bar Catachu (Lindachiquia, 16, Pamplona, 31001): salads, sandwiches and snacks; various gluten-free options.
- Iruñazarra (Mercaderes, 15): tapas (gluten-free options) and traditional recipes.
- Bar Casa Jesús Mari (Calle San Agustín, 21 bajo): wide menu of sandwiches and breads with and without gluten.
- Restaurante Sarasate (San Nicolas 19-21): vegetarian.
- Bar in the streets of San Nicolas, San Gregorio and Plaza del Castillo.
- Tapas: Estafeta, San Nicolas, San Gregorio streets.


The Conference takes place at the Baluarte (Palacio de Congresos de Navarra).


For publishers who have registered via the online registration form to exhibit and/or sell books at the Babelica collective stand hosted by the EDITARGI association at the Navarre Book Fair.
To exhibit books: you can bring 5 titles from your catalogue in 1 copy each.
To market the books on the stand: there are no quantity constraints (as many titles in as many copies as you wish). We thank you for completing and returning the attached Excel table before 15 November (Liste livres_lista libros_list of books). Please note that the sales prices must be rounded up: 10 € or 10.50 € (but not 10.99 €). Proceeds from sales may be returned to the publishers on departure, in cash and at a rate of 70% of the total proceeds (30% being for the bookseller handling the stand and stand-related costs). Unsold goods may be donated to a local foundation or library.
For local publishers (in Spain), books should be sent to Txlaparta before 18 November:
Editorial Txalaparta
San Isidro 35 Bajo31300
Tafalla (Nafarroa)


The list of participants will soon be available on the Babelica website: we will send you a specific message on this subject so that you can book your appointments before the conference. Specific time slots! These few days are indeed an opportunity to meet each other; make the most of it!


The Conference will be held in four languages (Basque, Spanish, French and English) and can be followed online in any of these four languages.
To follow the Conference online:
- The round-table discussions are open to all and can be followed live from this website (Follow the Conference online section). Participants who have registered in advance via the online registration form will receive the connection links for the various round-table discussions a few days before the Conference. In any case, if you do not receive this link, you can join the Conference via the Babelica website.
- The workshops are by registration only and will not be broadcast live: participants who have registered for the workshops via the online registration form will receive the connection links for the different workshops a few days before the Conference. If you are unable to connect on the day of the workshop, rest assured that the workshops will be filmed, and the recordings can be sent to participants who have registered in advance but who have encountered connection problems on the day.


The Conference will be filmed and broadcast live (round-table discussions) and recorded (replay on Youtube); we ask those who will be present in Pamplona and who do not wish to appear in the videos to inform us beforehand (special seats will be reserved for this purpose in the Baluarte – Palacio de Congresos de Navarra).


November is a cold month in Navarre (about 10 degrees during the day, 2 degrees at night)! So bring warm clothes and an umbrella!

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